Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Politics with intrinsic integrity

Where will you find a political party with intrinsic integrity? All of the elected parties have recently been exposed in unacceptable MP expense claims, caught by the Electoral Commission for fraudulent donations, involved in (online) smear campaigns, etc. Yet, why are we surprised?

Many politicians are in the business of politics because it's their career. Not because they particularly care strongly about certain issues. The frequent re-shuffling in ministerial and secretarial posts is a good example of lack of true dedication to the field the politicians work in.

Animals Count is different. Animals Count is a political party for people and animals, and for the first time in history a UK party for animals will be contesting the EU elections on 4th June in the Eastern region. We are not in politics because we want to be the ruling party in government, but we intend to shake up the system and raise the bar for animals across the political spectrum.

Animal issues are dear to millions of voters yet remain poorly represented by almost all politicians, and they generally feature at the bottom of the political agenda. We are not interested in self-enhancement or short-term policies that respond to the whim of the day; we stand up for the weakest beings in society; the animals. And we propose policies that benefit animals, the planet and people on a long-term basis.

Animals Count is a breath of fresh air; literally, because we propose to rapidly reduce the polluting animal agriculture industry both on animal welfare and environmental grounds. We need a reduction of 50% in European meat production and consumption either by everyone eating half as much meat, or 50% of people eating no meat, or somewhere in between, in order to achieve a real reduction in CO2 and other global warming gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide. Without such measures, global warming will become irreversible. None of the other political parties do what needs to be done.

Animals Count stands out in another way. It is interesting to note that none of the 13 other parties (and one independent candidate) in the Eastern region chose to have a woman lead their electoral list. The Eastern region has been betrayed by some MEPs, one of whom has been arrested for fraud. Animals Count will set things right for animals, people and the environment.

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